XPI has no South African competition in the mass volume production of filled and functional polymer compounds. Competition in this field is mainly imported material from Turkey and India. There is one other large scale producer of calcium carbonate filled masterbatches – imports from India and China is proving to be the main competitor. XPI’s competitive advantages are:

•In-house technical know-how supported with XPI’s excellent relationships and support of its suppliers such as Du Pont, Exxon Mobil, Sasol, Plastomark, Idwala and other experts globally;

•Economies of scale – manufacturing with two high output production units with lower than industry standard costs for electricity and manpower used;

•Excellent knowledge of customer processes, requirements and markets;

•Able to develop new solutions to old problems;

•Lower than industry standard overhead structure;

•Mentorship and support from very experienced and Board of Directors/Shareholders.