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Polymer Compound Manufacturer

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Xuba Polymers is South Africa’s leading manufacturer of compounded mineral-filled and / or functional polymer materials. This is used by plastic convertors as a technical modified compound or a complete raw material input in the production of plastic components and products. The emphasis is on calcium carbonate filled compounds as an extender of polymers, to ultimately save input costs and gain certain processing and mechanical benefits


Xuba Polymers manufactures a wide variety of polymer-related products used in many industries from all calls…

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The polymer compounding industry is a sub-sector of the plastics industry and is ancillary to the raw material suppliers such as Sasol…

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Competitive Advantages

Xuba Polymers has no South African competition in the mass volume production of filled and functional polymer compounds…

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Capacity & Technology

Xuba Polymers has sufficient infrastructure, personnel and technology to offer their clients high volume manufacturing….

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